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Escape Strategy Rooms

The Mad Hatter Room

The Mad Hatter- The Hatter is at it again. You and your friends need to help Alice solve the clues, avoid the Queen, keep her head and make her way to the tea party of all time. Only one way to find out if you deserve The Hatters hospitality. 

The Senators Office

The Senators Office- Your boss is a prominent senator that you suspect of espionage but you have no proof. You decided to set up a fake meeting so the senator would be out of his office. You now have one hour to find the evidence you need to support your claims before he pins it on you. Can you complete the mission? 

The Crime Scene Room

The Crime Scene- You are a detective and you've just received a phone call that your partner has been found dead... You're team is now on the scene and need to find the murder weapon, killer or killers and the way out before they come back and finish what they started. Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzle? 

Escape Room Aurora