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  1. What are the basic rules of the game? — The games lasts exactly one hour, and each game varies from 3 to 8 players. The players will need to find the clues and combine them with logic thinking skills to helping you and your teammates escape the room. If the players fail to escape the room within one hour, so long next time.

  2. How many players do we need to start the game? — Depending on the room sizes, we have set a minimum of 1 player to a maximum of 8 players. To enjoy your experience when playing these games, it’s best to follow the recommendations that we have set. These recommendations are defined on the game descriptions.

  3. It being locked in the room, scary? — If you’re thinking about dark rooms and ghosts, not really. We might imitate the games to immerse the experience, but if there are scary themes, we would alert you before you even tried to book.
    So, book away!


  4. What are the success rates of these games? — The success rates are between 9% to 23% depending on each game’s difficulty. There are no set rates, because some people might be more intelligent and some aren’t, so the values vary.

  5. Do I need to know everything to win? — Well, you don’t need to be an Ivy League Scholar to complete these games.
    Anyone and everyone can play these games as long as you and your intelligence work together.


  6. Can I not play with strangers? — Actually, you can. When you book the game, simply max out the number of persons the game is available for and then complete the reservations like normal. For example, if a game allows only a maximum of 8 players, select a date and time that only allows 8 players to be booked. You can also contact customer service for help.


  1. The objects inside the games (rooms) are fragile. Please DO NOT attempt to use force during the duration of those games. Any damages to the games (room) may result in penalties and legal settlements.

  2. The clues are placed in human easy-to-reach places. If you are thinking about looking through peculiar places (like the ceiling, or behind bulky artifacts), you’re playing it the wrong way.

  3. We will give clues at our discretion to help you complete the game. In order to maximize the challenges and force game and human logical thinking, we will not give clues until you have exhausted your tries.

  4. Please DO NOT use cellular devices and/or take videos in the duration of the games. Doing so will jeopardize the experience of the game and may expose game secrets beyond the game rooms.

  5. Before you book for a game, please note that you must accept the Terms and Conditions set forth.