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Making The Dream Work ...

It could be the ability to delegate, or to take control. Maybe a little bit of "do-it-yourself", or a "pass the ball" type of disposition. Regardless of the amount of people and besides the ability to do math quickly and accurately, teamwork matters most. More than anything really.

Humankind could not have built cities, successfully hunted large mammals for food or explored space without teamwork. In our daily lives, we may take teamwork for granted. When it comes time for a win or a loss, only then can we see the value of effective teamwork. That's what's cool about watching human beings in intimate settings, especially when they are under pressure. The development of personalities. Or, perhaps, the reduction of them.

Employees, family members, husbands; they either have it or they don't. We either work effectively together, or we don't. Some teams, even if they lose, they discover strengths and then work on weaknesses. Other teams, they crumble like cookies at the slightest opposition. This is an insight into life and the elements of a team and of leadership. This is what is most fascinating to observe in human beings. Sometimes you can even see the wheels turning in their heads.

Sharing, counsel, questions, deliberation; these are keys to success but not the golden key. Striking while the iron is hot is also super important. It's a combination of both. Do you take the shot, or do you pass it? It's not about personal glory, it's about the big win, the team. Or better still, in the words of Harry Truman: "it is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

Teamwork makes the dream work.