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Capital 'M' for "motivated".

The last time they came they lost. They got close, but in the end the win eluded them. When they first came through our doors they won in the Crime Scene. One of the things this team had was motivation. It may come as a shock to some of you but lots of people aren't. They either have an overabundance of procrastination or they give up. They give up not knowing how close they are. I see it all the time.

But this team was different. They were hungry from the beginning, always trying to win. Not afraid to try it and fail a few times and THEN ask for a clue. Always mindful of the clock but not afraid of it. They did not win in the Mad Hatter room (Alice In Wonderland themed) although they got close. They knew how close they were as well! When they left they vowed to come back and win.

When they finally did come back it was great to see them again. They walked in confident and ready. They said it was time for a win. No time for games; they seemed determined. They talked among themselves and realized since this was the last of our rooms they had to do that a win was paramount. It was more than bragging rights, it was for history. They were literally going to have either 2 wins out of 3, or 2 losses out of 3. But when I shit the door on them and started the clock I noticed something different. They had developed a strategy.

They were way more inquisitive and determined. They took nothing for granted and they communicated much more. They moved as on and they held complete cohesion all the way through. What they also did that was good was they waited until they were thoroughly stumped and then chicken danced for clues. By persevering and trying out the tougher clues on their won they were able to get big obstacles out of the way while not wasting clues on things they could actually do. Quite smart.

They beat the Senators Office with about 2 minutes to spare. It got very close at the end. When they won they emerged excited and happy. They saw how close to losing they had come and they, like I, were proud of them not giving up. Not crumbling under the pressure. I think people forget sometimes that they're being watched. They don't remember that everything they are doing is being scrutinized. That helps. They're in the moment, having fun and trying to win. Me? I'm looking to see what they're made of. How tough they are, how resilient.

I can spot winners and losers based on their motivation. I knew they could do it. I'm just glad they knew it to.

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